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    HyperV requirement

    Need some assistance on setup HyperV. If we have 64 bit hardware machine with 3.0 Xeon Cpu, MotherBoard = S3200SHV, RAM = 8GB, is this hardware supported for Hyper.

    By the way HyperV require supportive OS like 2008 64bit DataCenter or it require any special in hardware ?

    Thank you

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    If that is used on the most of the servers do you think that require any kind of the specific equipment?
    I suppose no...

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    Not sure but I think the Hyperv has support for both 64-bit and 32-bit aswell.
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    Hyper-V requires hardware virtualization, which would be called VT for Intel processors. I don't think the 3.0 Xeons have it. I have a DL360 G4 with 3.0 Xeons and I cannot run Hyper-V on it. It supports 64-bit OS but not VT.

    So, I installed VMware ESXi, which runs OK, but I can only install 32-bit guests.

    If you want to run Hyper-V, you need VT, which in the case of the HP servers means a G5 or G6.

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    To answer the other part of your question, Hyper-V comes in two editions - one which is a component of Windows 2008 (and R2) so requires those OS, and one which can be installed directly onto the bare metal.

    The bare metal one is free, but you have to license any Windows guest operating systems. If you install Hyper-V under windows 2008 then you get a number (varying by edition) of free licenses for guest machines.


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    Check the Model of your Xeon Processor with the Intel website, if your running E3xxx - 3.0 Ghz then VT is support.

    My entire Hyper-V Cluster is 64bit Windows 2008 R2 running Xeons and 32+Gb Ram each.,
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    What are the pros & cons of running Hyper-V server versus the Hyper-V role on Windows Server?

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