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    Question Help Finding Gaming Server Hosting in San Jose

    Hello everyone,

    I currently rent a dedicated server in San Jose from colocrossing but their network is pure Level 3 and the hardware is inadequate. I cant seem to find any decent dedicated server hosts in San Jose so I thought I would look into colocating. I have never done it before and I would like to do it to save money in the long run. I know my options are limited to places like HE, Peer1 and Equinox. Since its a gaming server I need super good routing to the US, Canada and Asia and pure level 3 doesnt give people a choice on the best possible route. I need the location to be San Jose or Bay Area including Palo Alto or Fremont.

    So far my max bandwidth has been 3200 gigs in the Summer and 2700 gigs or less every other month using a software based bandwidth monitor.

    I also dont know a thing about buying a server, I was probably going to get a barebone from supermicro though and build it from there.

    My scare with colocation is a hard drive dieing as my server would be down for a while before a new one can get there since I am no where near San Jose. I saw that some mobos have networked bios where I can access them from anywhere, I was thinking I could run the server in a Raid and if 1 HD dies, I can maybe change it off of raid to the good drive but then I still end up with missing 1 drive. Any idea how to fix a scenario like this from happening?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    DontWannaName ,

    ColoCrossing's SJC network is Level 3 + nLayer not pure Level 3. Also just wondering what is inadequate about ColoCrossings hardware ?

    I also do not suggest colocating one server as you are going to pay high fees for a premium network & facility with the amount of bandwidth you need.

    Have you tried going with Los Angeles rather then San Jose ?

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    If you're having an issue with the connectivity or the hardware isn't powerful enough please contact us at and we'll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Thanks!
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    What hardware requirements are you looking for exactly? Dual Core? Quad Core? Dual Quad's? Also Derek makes a great point, if you are looking for colo's, you going to end up paying more for bandwidth and going over that bandwidth. Not to mention, building your server to have colocated, shipping and up keep. PLus many hosts will not work on your server if there is an issue, so you need to keep that in mind as well.

    What kind of game server / game type are you looking at running? Game servers are not kind to overcrowding / over allocation resources.
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    Whenever anyone trace routes its Level 3 so thats why I say that, It also always goes through a CWIE LLC router. My server was moved a few months ago for who knows what reason. I dont actually use colocrossing, I use Wolfservers who is under new management and resells colocrossing. Right now im on a Q6600 with 4 gigs of ram. I run 4 32 slot TF2 servers that are usually full. If I bought a server I would go with a better quad or even dual quad as an investment and lots of DDR3 ram.

    Los Angeles and Seattle are not an option as they are only good for their respective areas. San Jose is inbetween the two and has good connectivity to Asia.

    One person had a 25 ms decrease on the east coast when tracing to an internap location in San Jose. This was because instead of taking the user directly from New York via probably satellite it took them across the nation from one router to another.

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    If you have an established user base I'd suggest sticking with your current server. Moving game servers to a different IP range can prove difficult to retain users.
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    If your already gossling up all that hardware resorce, prehaps spread onto 2 servers and split the work load?
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    I think ServerBeach/Peer1 might have a location you want but you are going to be paying enterprise pricing. There isn't much choice in SJC...

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    In the end, the ping for users will be lower and when sorted by ping in the browser the higher my servers will be on the list. The lower the ping to more people the better.

    Sadly, Serverbeach doesnt sell servers in San Jose, Peer1 only colocates and they peer with level 3 too but im not sure what other networks are there. Im also confused as to if you choose what bandwidth you want when you colocate at a datacenter. I have always just rented to keep it simple but simple isnt always getting the best performance.

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    For most games, including TF2, the servers with the lowest first IP octet will appear in the browser first. This is why single or 2 digit IPs are so desirable for hosting game servers -- and that is probably why your servers are full so often. I'd bet your ips start with 1 or 2 digits.
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    Does colocrossing offer a different network at that location, I think its in market post tower and used to be with ewtc or something I cant remember.

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    That IP is our network. We do not operate a second network in San Jose.

    We do not accept orders from customers who use our resellers, and even if did we couldn't as that would be in violation of WHT rules.

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    Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Does anyone know anything about ? They are on *********** in San Fran. They seem to have a good network with internap and good peering but I cant find a single review of them.

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    I can vouch for colocrossing and say that as a client of theirs I've only had good comments about my San Jose location as well as other locations hosted through them.
    Jon also does state a valid point, if your server(s) is/are getting populated it would not be of best interest to switch IP's as it might hinder your current user base.
    I do hope you find a solution for your current issue and please keep us updated.
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