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    Unhappy apache taking over ownership

    hello there
    i am running a vps using lxadmin
    but lately a problem started occuring that is killing my sites

    for example
    when using my joomla to install something
    when accessing it via ftp i dont have the ownership to chane anything in it
    because when navigating via the file manager to it i get that the owner is apache instead of admin ( my default ftp user )

    how can i solve that ?


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    This is because PHP is running as an Apache module therefore anything you upload via your script will be owned as Apache.

    You can adjust this by installing/enabling something like SuPHP which will allow you to run PHP as your user or allow you to specify a user for PHP to run as.
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    Yep suPhp is best bet.

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    Get suPhp, PHPSuExec or FastCGI installed which can handle php issues.
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