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    1and1 / Godady / etc.

    I see a lot of posts about a lot of providers, but not much about 1and1, godaddy, etc. etc.

    Are there issues with using these more well known companies?

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    They don't target WHT clients hence = no good/bad reviews.

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    I had a few domains with 1and1 a few years back. Horrible service and false advertising. Just because these are well known companies doesn't make them great. I think you hear more about the little companies on this forum because the big ones just aren't on it. A lot of people have been alienated by these companies before just because they are so big so people switch to the smaller, less known hosts simply because they offer service on a more personal level. If you do a search on these companies, you will find a lot of information, not the greatest of reviews though.
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    GoDaddy has money to spend millions on TV Ads, NASCAR, Indy, etc, etc. When you endorse the biggest name in NASCAR, you're going to drive traffic, no doubt about it.
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    My experiences with 1&1 were not good at all. Godaddy as a registrar was OK so I never had the desire to use them as hosting so I have no idea what they are like.

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    Google these two hosting providers and you will see by yourself a lot of reviews...
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    Had nothing but problems with them 2 years back. My VPS was on one horrible node and I could not find assistance to help correct the problem even though I remained calm through the issues. I took a hit and moved away from my 1 year contract with them losing out on the purchase and canceling the hosting plan early. Later on I received a collections call for the renewed VPS plan even though I had canceled it in writing and had confirmation. To make a long story short it was a headache and I had somehow fallen through the cracks. One of the few times I was glad I had invested in pre-paid legal as it saved me from being hit twice with a host I simply could not use.


    Decent registrar but their hosting needs a lot of work. I took a special my account manager offered and once again had issues with crons getting erased, stability of the box, and slow support responses for simply things.

    A co-worker was hit with a several hundred dollar bill when his VPS was hacked and sent spam abroad. Be careful with GoDaddy if this happens to you. In the contract you agree to they can charge outrageous rates if your domain is found to be sending spam regardless of the situation.

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