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    Angry how to registerDomain with reseller domain API?

    does anyone know how to register a domain name using a reseller API?

    I'm trying to use (net earth one), and there API seems to be working for other features like check available domain.
    But, they do NOT supply any form for "register domain". It says:

    "Note: This function accepts complex variable/parameters whose usage cannot be easily illustrated using HTML forms. To see an example of how this is used, please check the DomOrderClient.php file that was included in the examples. "

    Ok, so I go ahead and copy a working "check available" html form and call it registerDomain.html , of which whenever I hit the register domain function it reports:

    "Error Description:
    You are not allowed to perform this action
    Error Level:
    warn "

    Seems odd, they dont supply the API form, and if you make it yourself it says not allowed. All the other API call functions are working, just cant register a new domain.
    If I change the function call from "registerDomain" to say "checkAvailabilityMultiple" it works, even with the wrong variables supplied.

    I'm starting to think isnt good if they just leave out the most important API code "registering a domain"

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    Hi there,

    Not actually as NEO just uses the LogicBoxes platform.

    Try this :

    Method Name: registerDomain
    Class Name: DomOrder

    To see an example of how this is used, please check the DomOrderClient.php file that is included in the examples.

    You can get the examples from the Knoweledgebase >> Reseller >> API >> PHP and download the examples.

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    ICANN Accredited Registrar,
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    String XML

    Hi, who have String XML to send to [] and register domain? PLEASE give String XML.


    By example to consult domain the XML is:

    (see file)

    Please what is XML to register???

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