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    * VZCP CPU,RAM usage display

    Doesn Virtuozzo power panel display the main node CPU usage or VPS CPU usage when looking on "Resources" tab in VZCP?

    And when I run top command I want to know that is it displaying main node ram or VPS ram resources?

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    if you are using the powerpanel / ssh in your container then the cpu / ram usage will be showing your container usage not the hardware node's usage. However in your image that looks to be very very high. Of course it's always possible that the HN is misconfigured but i'd be suprised if you had gotten access to the overall stats.
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    Some years back, VZ used to display memory usage for the entire node in top and free, but all recent versions show some kind of representation of the individual VPS's usage. If it's running UBC you'll be seeing your usage against the burst limit (generally significantly higher than memory usage against your "guaranteed"). Under SLM it seems to be more of a fair measure of memory actually used. Check /proc/user_beancounters to find out which it's running and (if it's UBC) get a lot more info.

    No idea where your figures in the PP are coming from - I'd expect to see the same figures there as in top.

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    I would go with Swordfish's suggestion i think the node might either need some tweaking or need to be re configured. I would ask to be moved to another node with is fairly easy.

    on a note i mean we have 25 Vms per node and client running FFmpeg and pushing traffic of 400GB per month on a few vms on a single node and we have never seen loads that high on a VM.

    So from my experience something is outta whack. And i also agree with foobic SLM memory usage is the way to go nowadays.
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