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    How Hard To Manage A VPS?

    Hi, im wondering how hard is it to run and manage a server like lets say I buy a vps for my daily use small clan site and don't go into cpanel a lot or anything but its on a vps will I mostly get hacked fast or a lot if I don't upload software? Also is there a place where I can learn how to manage the vps and more.

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    Linux server administration takes time to learn. I think your best bet would be to go with a semi-managed server. That way, you have support if you need it, but you can learn as you go.

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    If its not an issue to have some downtime, if you get hacked, or do something wrong most offer free instant reinstalls.

    If you have never touched linux before though, you will have problems.

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    You might look into a managed solution, but for the most part a cPanel server takes care of itself. I doubt you'll be hacked, especially since it sounds like your site will have fairly low visability.

    So if you've got the budget, go managed. Otherwise, I would just stick to cPanel or DirectAdmin and unmanaged.
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    You should take the time to learn first before you jump in the deep end, especially if it has any client data. If it is just for you, then by all means play around and experiment but still learn first.
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    It is not easy for a newbie to handle linux-based system. there are wide scope need to be cover including of system hardening like firewall, software update, disk partition, backup system and so on. if you not don't have any background in handling, i advice you purchase an entry level vps and try it. from time to time you will grow.... :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    It depends on what you intend to run on your VPS. You said a small clan site. Assuming just that, no e-mail server, no DNS... etc.

    Places to learn... this depends on what distro you plan to use. CentOS wiki are quite complete. Getting Apache running shouldn't take more than 1~2 hours for someone not familiar with Linux. Simply follow the doc. I also find Gentoo's wiki to be quite helpful even if you are using non-Gentoo distro. I think they are still rebuilding it after the DB lost happened few months ago.

    Ubuntu's wiki/doc is quite complete. You don't want any panel software, you could check out Ubuntu. It is not bad. People on Ubuntu forums are quite helpful.

    Basically when you get your VPS, you want to do the followings at the minimum.
    • Update system. i.e. "yum update" in CentOS.
    • Harden system. i.e. Install firewall app such as CSF.
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    If you have a little extra money, you should consider getting a Windows VPS. You will have the familiar Windows interface, and you can count on administration being relatively painless.

    Not to say that Linux will be any harder, but to get anything accomplished you will likely be following setup instructions from a tutorial. For Winodws, you will get a remote desktop connection and have a GUI you can click on. For Linux, you will likely be using SSH to connect to a text only interface.

    A managed server is a great solution if you really have no idea what you're doing. Also, consider shared hosting if you are only running a website. After all, shared hosting is secured by the hosting provider. This means you have less to worry about. Virtual Servers - Cutting edge technology, first class network, affordable prices! Managed and unmanaged. Virtual and Dedicated. Shared hosting, web design, application development, and more. Contact us here, or our website!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectedHosting View Post
    Hi, im wondering how hard is it to run and manage a server like lets say I buy a vps for my daily use small clan site and don't go into cpanel a lot or anything but its on a vps will I mostly get hacked fast or a lot if I don't upload software? Also is there a place where I can learn how to manage the vps and more.

    Since your new you can opt for a self-managed VPS and seek for a 3rd party management company or see if provider offer management services and give it a try for 3 months or so and try to learn as much as possible. If/When you feel ready to self manage your VPS you can then simply cancel the management services and save some money

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    If you use the standard SSH port and 'root' username, you will be attacked by bot within a very short space of time, guaranteed. So change the SSH port to a random one immediately. Other than that, it is by no means easy to manage a VPS so, unless you feel confident to administrate one, you are better off with a managed solution by far.

    Considering the amount of server admin time you will benefit from when managed, the extra cost in no way reflects what you would have to spend on their wages if you employed them yourself. So the cost of a managed solution is actually very cheap indeed.

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