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  1. #1 - offline for an hour+ decided to "upgrade" their service at midday on a Monday. Result? Hundreds of VPSs offline for an hour and counting...

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    Did service is still offline ? I can reach their website, but how about customers?

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    this was an upgrade on one of the clouds (we have 3) software components that caused an unexpected reactions that issued a couple hundred VPS's to be rebooted, we would not do any major upgrades during business hours, this was completely unexpected and unforeseeable.

    No damage was set on any server, but because of the number of VM's that where told to reboot the queue is processing them and taking a while to finish them all.

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    Still offline -- 70 minutes now

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    One and a half hours downtime so far -- way to go,!
    Your self-healing cloud needs some work, methinks.

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