Experts from Green Grid, Dell, Gartner & Sun Microsystems provide insight into latest innovations and best practices for green data centers

View the online summit by going to the brighttalk(dot)com and click on the 'summit' and attend Green datacenter summit(given in the list of future summits)

Thought leaders and experts will discuss:

• Effective Strategies for Green Data Centres
• The Different Storage Virtualisation Techniques
• Green Data Centre Case Studies
• Architecting the Green Data Centre
• Measuring the Effectiveness of a Green DC Initiative


• Vice President, Service Management Society
• Director, World Wide Technology
• Data Center Services Manager, Pacific Northwest Nat'l Lab
• Data Centre Business Transformation Manager, Cisco
• Datacentre Manager, Square Mile Systems
• Independent Analyst & Former Research VP, Gartner
• Partner, Brooke North
• Director, Sustainable Computing, Sun Microsystems
• Green Grid Member and Enterprise Technologist, Dell

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