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    Anyone have experience of Etisalat?

    I'm looking set up dedicating hosting in Dubai and Etisalat seems to come up as one of the recommended providers in the area.

    Has anyone used them? Or does anyone have experience of any other dedi-server companies in dubai?


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    Last I knew about Etisalat, they were only doing co-location.

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    I fired off a general query asking for more details about their services and this is what i got in response:

    Quote from email:

    With reference to your mail, you need to do the following

    1) Register a domain name . The cost is aed 150 per year.
    2)Apply for any of the webhosting packages .

    You need to visit Etisalat office with the following documents

    Documents required
    Web Hosting Application form
    The Domain Name registration.
    A copy of a power of attorney with a specimen signature and a photocopy of the passport of the authorised signatory.
    A copy of a valid Trade Licence.
    A copy of the owner's or local sponsor's passport.

    Don't think they want international customers?! I'll keep looking!!!

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    I'm not sure they ever did dedicated servers really. 'Dedicated' term is being used by them in error perhaps.
    So you looking for dedicated hosting (unmanaged/managed) or colo works?

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    Etisalat currently monopolizes the UAE market so to them it makes no difference whether you're interested or not. Eventually if you want hosting locally it will come to them whether it be direct or through a channel partner.

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    Yes, I have experience hosting with Etisalat. Their service is not that bad - the only catch is that you need to have a local trade license to host with them.

    If you don't have one, you will have to go through someone who has it.

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    I remember the hot news when Etisalat demanded $1 Bn for other telecom competitor to enter UAE market. Etisalat dominates gulf regions and is very very peculiar about their operations.
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