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    * Neep help in adding "killall - 9 httpd" to my cron. Please advice urgently

    Hey guys I've this php running in cron, to check httpd down status and start it again. The problem is sometimes It wouldn't start unless i use the killall manually..

     class monitor {
     function httpUp() {
      $status = shell_exec("/etc/init.d/httpd status");
      if (preg_match("#is running#",$status)) { 
       return true;
      } else {
       return false;
     function restartHttp() {
      shell_exec("/etc/init.d/httpd start");
     function writeLog($message) {
      $s = sprintf("[%s] %s\n",date("d-m-y g:i a"),$message);
     $monitor = new monitor();
     if ($monitor->httpUp()) {
     $monitor->writeLog("httpd already running");
    } else {
     $monitor->writeLog("httpd is down");
     $monitor->writeLog("httpd has been started");
    The log file goes like this
    [16-11-09 3:00 pm] httpd already running
    [16-11-09 3:11 pm] httpd already running
    [16-11-09 3:20 pm] httpd is down

    [16-11-09 3:20 pm] httpd has been started

    Can someone edit the script for me and add "killall - 9 httpd" right before it start the httpd? And so the log will look like this:

    httpd is down

    Processes have been killed
    httpd has been started

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    if it needs to run the killall -9 then why u believe httpd is down?

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