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Thread: WHT Problem...

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    WHT Problem...

    Hi, im currently on the site using my sidekick lx under the mobile skin now when I click a thread or a forum sometimes it says that the page was not found or its not on the server, I then have to refresh and it'll come up... is there something with wht server(s)? Are you people getting this too?

    Also sometimes when I type the url to the site it brings me to I don't know why this is happening..

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    Are you browsing html version of the site? What is the browser? What OS.
    I suppose that is the problem related to the applications on your smartphone not WHT at all

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    WHT has a support placed where I bilieve you can submit a ticket. Try contacting them and see what they say. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    I browse the forum sometimes using my iPhone and I've never had any problems on the iPhone or my PC...
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    I also surf a lot from my company issued blackberry and have no problem whatsoever, no problems also when using my personal sony ericsson mobile phone or my old iphone.

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