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    How t change localhost url to something different?

    Hello all,

    I have a a very annoying problem and require help from you please.
    I have a dedicated server running a website software, this software require to be unlocked via the URL of my site, for example:

    Now the problem is that I wish to work locally with this software and not live9too risky) but the software stays in Demo mode because the local host URL is something like:

    I contacted the software maker and they cannot give me a second unlock key for my local server as this software is not supported anymore, we are really stuck because each time we test something on local,it is limited to 10 input and the things do not work well when we upload to live.

    I wonder if there is a way to trick the software by changing the URL of http://localhost:7001/home.html to htt://

    Is this possible???
    Is there a hidden file somewhere on the windows xp local computer that could affect the way the url is showing?

    Many thanks,


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    You can use your hosts file to point your domain to on your local pc.

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    Hi Neil,

    the problem is that we do not want to change the url paths as this is causing all the trouble, we need to see our local name change to the url domaine name we use on the site.

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    If I understand it correctly, you want to have to open the app on your local computer. If you set to in your local hosts file, it will do just that.

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    ok thanks neil

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    To expand on Neil's point, you should be able to find that file here on a Windows machine:


    For details on the syntax and finding the file:

    You will probably need to refresh your internet connection after making any changes. Go to "Control Panel" -> "Network Connections", right click on your active connection and choose "Repair". This will dump all of your DNS cache so the changes are picked up.

    Please note that this will not affect the port number you are connecting to! If that part of the URL is still giving you problems, you may have to change your local web service to run on port 80 for testing.


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    The thing to realize is that when you do that, you will be always looking at your local copy on that machine, I think, someobody correct me if I am wrong.

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