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    This is K-RAD!!

    Its unreal they came up with enough pictures!!

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    hmm.. some have too much time i think ...

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    Funny. I love human eccentricity. Thanks for sharing.

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    During the early AM hours when isn't so busy, the Atari is taken offline and the security guards team up against the web guys on Maze Craze. Note: "Hunt & Score " is an educational game, not some sort of dating game.
    The complex rewiring was done in "Vapour Circuitry", thus when I opened up the original prototype machine to take a photograph, the airtight seal was broken. All of the circuitry turned into a gaseous state and was released into the air. Unfortunately, all that was left over was the original Atari 2600 wiring as shown here.

    We hoped to find a use for those bottom buttons on the Star Raiders controller, but only ended up using the one labeled above
    Plugged in and storing numbers! (currently storing the number 71736, thus using up very precious system RAM)

    Tried calling to get a wiring schematic, but nobody answered. Got desperate and emailed a friend in California who got the same result
    RF out port rewired to handle an RJ-45

    Screen shot from the Webserver cartridge.

    Date: May 2nd, 2002

    To: webpeople
    From: Darci Crash, technical lead
    Subject: new webserver

    * unit is an original 6-switch model Atari 2600, thus giving the image of being "retro-cool" instead of just "retro". Nerdy Humanclock staff members might even be able to pick up nerdy girls with the unit.

    * during the early am hours when traffic is minimal, we can take the webserver cartridge offline and use the Atari unit to play Missle Command. Judging by current political agendas, it looks like it might come handy someday.

    * system only has 128 bytes of memory. This means we cannot use the webserver to actually serve any images. Looks like we will only be able to use the new webserver to store the amount of people who have clicked on the page about girls running naked through the streets of Washington.

    * requires 3 volts more power than the Tandy webserver, accounting/budget departement isn't going to like the extra 32 cents per year it will take to run this thing.

    * I'm uneasy about this whole thing, I think that quote from Steven Levy's "Hackers" book says it best, this is something "akin to the courting of the bitch goddess of disaster". bahahaha
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    Atari web server oh my haha, thanks for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energizer Bunny View Post
    hmm.. some have too much time i think ...
    Lol. Indeed. I was thinking the same thing.

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    what does K-Rad mean

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    It means BEYOND awesome!! (Super awesome)

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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