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    175 of allocated memory is it too small ? any feedback on applied net webhost?

    We are looking at the applied net VS-1 shared hosting plan [ w w w appliedi net <forward_slash> shared-hosting ] . We have a site developed that is a total of 2.5 gig (most image and content files). We developed the site on a dell xps 400 dual core pentium with 2 gig and two 250 gig SATA drives. We used VS 2005 .net and csharp aspx files on a windows server 2003 standard os. Sql server 2005 is the database. The site is precompiled and published so dynamic compilation won't be a problem.

    On applied net's VS-1 shared plan, we are concerned that the 175 allocation for memory will be too slow considering that we developed on a box with 2 gig. Also we are concerned with sharing the server with close to 100 other clients.

    We are totally in the dark when it comes to shared hosting and are concerned that the resources will be too slow and will turn away customers. We also do not want to break our budget and the 25 bucks is a good start.

    thanks for any and all feedback!
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    Well on a shared environment you are always going to be at the mercy of other users. I'm guessing that when they say 175MB they mean they simply divide the amount of memory up by the number of sites they put on a shared server, I doubt it will be dedicated to your website but sort of reserved so the server doesn't run out of memory.

    What I would say is that if you have developed a site where you want to have ensure that other users on the site don't bring down your own I would seriously consider a VPS, they are about the same price as your looking at here but with a fair bit more flexibility - imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by dabrain View Post
    On applied net's VS-1 shared plan, we are concerned that the 175 allocation for memory will be too slow considering that we developed on a box with 2 gig.
    I think you need to find out what they mean by 175MB allocation per site.

    I 'm not sure it actually means anything.

    (That is, if you ask half a dozen WHT members what it means, you may get two or three different answers.)

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    Yeah, I'd contact the host and see what exactly their memory allocation / constraints are. However just because your main server has 2GB, this also entails the OS and any other processes on it. In a shared environment, this is taken out of the picture. Most shared plans don't state how memory is allocation and 100 clients on the same server seems about right, depending on the plan type. When in doubt, contact the host.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dabrain View Post
    On applied net's VS-1 shared plan, we are concerned that the 175 allocation for memory will be too slow considering that we developed on a box with 2 gig.
    I guess 175MB is memory allocation for the application pool of your site.
    The memory is ok for a website using less than 100GB bandwidth per month.
    It also depends on the code. If your site is purely content and data driven, the problem with limited memory is application pool is recycled and you will experience some slow loading at the time of recycle. Login users will be logged out as well. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    I had the VS-1 plan for one year. It worked pretty well except I think I did not get an e-mail sent to me every now and then using Smarter Mail which they provided with the plan. Other than the possible e-mail issue I had no other issues with my shared plan there. However, I can't comment on it much because I hardly used it except for hosting images for eBay and for e-mail. Never got around to finishing the site I planned to use the hosting for.

    I needed a large mysql database for vBulletin so I got rid of the shared plan. Since my experience was fairly good with shared, I ordered a VPS which I had nothing, but problems with from the start. I ended up canceling after a week or two since I didn't feel like dealing with that broken VPS anymore and had found a much better deal elsewhere (

    That said the live chat is pretty useful. I was on it frequently troubleshooting the VPS all times of the day/night. If you have any trouble you will have no trouble contacting someone right away at any time.

    I had no trouble canceling either and got my money back quickly with their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you could easily try it out and if it doesn't work for you you can cancel within the first 30 days.

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    175MB for an application pool is very reasonable if each domain runs in it's own app pool. Have you checked how much your site is currently using?

    Most web sites don't use more than 100MB.
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