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    Hi Im Gregorio Ramos.

    I currently live in New York, Queens est. Time zone.

    About Me;

    I am 18, I live with my parent (mom) and currently do not have a job I spend most my time on WHT and HD post threads helping people out and learning about many topics. I joined the web industry about 4 years ago it started with a game called Socom FTB2 I made my own personal web site out of html and once I heard about servers and domains I build my own cusom made computer and ran my own site out of my house. Now here I am.

    Back Ground;

    I am a latino hispanic, I owned a company and worked for many. I know all about cpanel & whm, I can set up accounts or do marketing and even support. I am not looking to do live support. I also know how to code html, css and php. I am a good editer in programming. I know very little javascript. I know how to install scripts and mod scripts. I can basicly do anything you need me to do.

    Im looking to work for a small VPS to experiment off and host my upcoming web site, witch will be maybe a small forum or a radio station I am thinking on that.

    Contact Me;

    My email is [email protected]
    My aim is MaN3T0z
    My MSN is [email protected]

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