We are in need of an investor (single person we are targeting, but if we have to we can go into multiple persons) for a non-hosting related investment opportunity. The company is already legally registered as an Inc. and we already have a outline of the company. The company is in a non-cluttered cache, and although I can't say any specifics without an NDA, it has only has 2-3 major competitors (unlike hosting, which has thousands) - those 2-3 have started in 2005-2007 and all make $xx+ million a year, some into the $xxx millions. They all have a very low (which is good) Alexa traffic ranking as well.

Our idea is to start a site that has the same features plus more than the competitors, and offer a sophisticated but rewarding payout for members. This will attract the public to use our site vs. the competition.

Our plan is in writing and we are offering a very large portion (at least 30% but up to 45%) of the companies public shares + value. You will have an oppertunity to fully host the website and its servers (we'll need them) and bring in your programmers to work with our programmers that we already have.

This investment requires a high level ($xx,xxx) but offers a great potential in a non-cluttered industry. If you are capable of and are interested in investing in our firm, please contact myself at my personal e-mail, nixceo[@]me.com - (corporate e-mail won't be given out as of yet).

Again, with our current financial forecasts we show a great outcome with our project and potentially into six figures in a years time. You will be with us throughout the lifetime of this project - and your shares/ownership are transferable. Looking for candidates who are able to discuss over the phone/Skype and interact with our current few team members.

Thanks for your interest!