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    So, let the newbie ask one more stupid question


    I'm the complete newbie amateur looking for a web host for a, or really two, small non-profit animal rescues. I apologize for bringing these probably idiotic questions to you all, but I've gotten such good info here in years gone by.

    In looking at the features of some web hosts, I see sub domains. Does this mean that if I sign up with say, FatCow, I could use it for both my little animal rescue websites? As in, I type in it goes to that website and only shows that web address? And if I have another rescue called as a sub domain, when I type in it only shows that in the web address like a completely separate entity but is really part of the same FatCow account? BTW, both those websites-totally not my design.

    Is there a book called "Web Hosting for Super Dummies" out there? Boy, I have a lot to learn!

    Thanks again!

    lamirona (alice)
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    That wouldn't be a subdomain, that would be an "addon" domain. A subdomain of "" would be "".
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    Most hosts offer add-on domains and sub-domains. An addon domain is like having multiple domain names and websites hosted with one package, such as and A subdomain is like, where it is actually attached to the domain. If you want to have multiple websites with different domains, look for addon domains.
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    That would be an add-on domain. A subdomain is Mostly all host allow multiple of each of these so that hosting company should work.
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    You are searching for mutiple domain allowed hosting plans.
    If the plan provide 2+ addon domains,this will meet your needs.Addon doamin allows you to host 2+ separately website on one hosting server.
    And if you want 2+ domains go to the same interface,use "parked domain".
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    @Lamirona - there are no stupid questions... By all means ask any and all questions you may have as it is better that you ask and then know than to wonder.
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    Look at it like this.

    TLD - top level domain as in .com, .info. .biz, etc.
    domain- riverdownspetpalooza is the domain
    subdomain - subdomain (for example


    you can have as many subdomains as you want on top of your domain
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    Yes as long as your hosting provider lets you have 2+ addon domains, most offer unlimited addon domains. Addon domain allows you to use a subdirectory within your account to serve a new domain, just like your main domain.

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    To get some knowledge we should clarify what ever doubts we have; though you may feel them silly or stupid. That is the only way to gather informations. As Mike said they are not stupid questions, as far as you are a newbie in the field. I am not going to answer your questions as you have already got a number of (same) answers already .

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