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    text advertising

    Hey, I'm after some advertising for one of my websites.

    It's a 'proxy' site to be honest, it only contains a http proxy to browse facebook etc from work, no hacked machines or whatever.

    Basically it's all hosted by me and it's all above board.

    Anyway, as I am a 'proxy site', infolinks do not want to advertise with me.

    any idea who I should look for? I am not after porn ads or anything that gives viruses etc.

    Actually ill do any kind of advertising if i can find a way yo insert it into the pages as long as its not tooo intrusive.

    An extra bannner ad that displays at the top etc is OK.
    Doesnt 'have' to be text..!
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    I don't understand, are you looking for someone to advertise through your proxy-site?

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