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    [question] Capnel

    Run in hypothetic scenario:

    Having a dedicated server with Cpanel. Could I?

    1) Could I run a backup Dns server as a Slave from the 1st dns (that runs within the dedicated server)

    2) Could I made a dedicate DB server and link them trough a 2nd NIC

    3) Have a secondary mail server where would be the backup mail if the main goes off line?

    Thanks for your replies

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    I think all are possible..

    1. You need to configure DNS cluster for that WHM ->Cluster/Remote Access

    2. Yes - provided you cannot manipulate your db through cpanel ( this is still in testing phase for cpanel ) . change your db access setting and use the db server through the LAN NIC

    3. there is a feature called secondaryMX ( /etc/secondarymx ). When a domain name is added to it as well as to the /etc/remotedomains , the cpanel server will receive the mails, when your primary mail server goes offline, and sends the mails to the primary one, when the server is back online . You cannot check mails from this cpanel server.


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