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    * Free Hosting versus Paid - Any Difference?

    I had always thought that free web hosting was a bit of a gimmick. Even though the claims were of a hosting product practically the same as paid - it seemed they never were. For example - what I found to be really true was:

    You get free web hosting, BUT you have to display advertising on your website to defray the costs.

    You get free web hosting, BUT the resources allocated are so miniscule that you will invariably run out as soon as you start.

    You get free web hosting, BUT you won't get any technical support whatsoever.

    You get free web hosting, BUT you can't actually load or run the CMS you truly want (probably because its too resource intensive).

    So now I read here in the news section about a brand new - just launched - free web hosting product from Lime Labs. According to the news item:

    ''The LimeDomains accounts come with access to an extensive catalog of open source web applications ranging from popular blogs such as Wordpress, to full-featured content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Users can also upload their own files or transfer their existing websites such as their Geocities pages to LimeDomains via a built-in file manager, or any popular FTP client. Most popular web design applications, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, are also supported.

    Unlike other free hosting services, there are no strings attached to the free hosting offer on LimeDomains. Users do not have to sign-up for any third party services, or submit themselves to a barrage of solicitations (e-mail, or otherwise), or place mandatory ads on their website. Most importantly, the free accounts are not crippled in any way and receive the same quality of service, performance and reliability that most other hosting services charge a premium for.''

    So my question is:

    Does this mean that free web hosting is now just like paid?

    What do you think?
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    No -- the way I see it there are two possibilities that account for what's going on here:

    1. It's a kiddie host who wants to feel important by getting signups; service will be good until his mom trips over the computer cord or the neighbor digs up the DSL line.

    2. There's a catch. If it's a real operation then they have to be capitalizing on the service they're offering somehow.
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    Isn't this only free with a domain purchase? Plus it appears you are limited to 500MB Space / 1GB Bandwidth, lots of people will need more bandwidth then that, although I cannot comment on their services myself personally.

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    No, paid hosting will allway rule. Just because one needs to pay salaries, taxes and so on.
    The mentioned free hosting, I think, is a trick. No host could be able to maintain such a gift for a long time.

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    Paid Hosting for the win.... there's no guarantee of your data with Free WebHosts

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    Free hosting is fine, I've used it myself. There are some good free hosts out there. But, most put a time limit on how long your site can go on without getting a set number of visitors. Most, in my experience, don't actually tell you what that number is. They let you find out when they send you an email telling you that your site is about to be disabled for not having enough visitors. With a paid host, you can have a site be dormant for as long as you want.

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    With paid hosting, if you are treated bad you get to yell at them. With free hosting you will have to say "thank you" when they kick you out.

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    That will depend on what you want it to be.
    If you just want some test,go with free hosting.
    And of course most free hosting plans limit some important features although they provide a large space and BD.
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    Why does this thread read like a promotion/advertisement? :p
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    as others have said, the limedomains thing is free with a domain purchase - many registrars already do that.

    But in either case, the level of support you get from free and paid hosts are completely different - you can't expect 24/7 support from a free hosting provider, it's more likely that they'll throw that in your face when it's an emergency and they haven't replied in a few days (not targeted at lime domains, just in general)

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    Free web hosts often attract a lot of abuse (spammers, etc) and I don't think you can expect the same level of reliability due to the limited resources (budget servers, etc). There is also the lack of support to take into consideration.
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    I answered no, free hosting will always have its quirks

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    First, this looks like an advertisement. Second, free web hosting has always been available but will never replace paid hosting. Free web hosting has a lot of limitations, bare minimum to no support and will get targeted by abusers etc.

    Can you name a free web host provider that's been in business for over 5 years with no up-selling products or strings attached?

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    Nothing is free, and this applies to web hosting as well.
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    Free web hosting is the separate to the paid one. That is the hosting for the small period of time. maybe for the something personal stuff.
    One day free hosting provider decide to close the service and you will need to find new one
    paid web hosting is the kind of the service which can give you some guarantees

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    Its the main argument:

    Cheap / Free + Unreliable VS costly + reliable + support

    I think most of us on this forum have seen and been in severe downtime in the past - losing all data, emails.... etc.. Is it worth the risk to possibly lose all data, emails, your business and its credibility for about $8 per year? ( average price based on 500mb HD & 2gb BD ).
    Or even worse - they could take your mailing lists and email those? (back in 2002 I was with a free hosting provider to see the differences between paid and free hosting, (novelty what can you do?) and they took a mailing list from the account and emailed them offering various products etc..) Is that really the kind of thing you want to happen to your customers / fans? Then they accidentally deleted my account... Not sure why... Lucky it was just a test site right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VS-fam View Post
    With paid hosting, if you are treated bad you get to yell at them. With free hosting you will have to say "thank you" when they kick you out.
    That is a nice comparison. And in one way it is true you can demand support and proper service in case of paid hosting. But with a free host there is no possibility for that as the service is not free.

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