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    Hostgator VPS hosting launched?

    Today I went to to see if they have launched the VPS hosting.

    What do you think, is it official or it is another test launch?

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    Didn't this happen a couple weeks ago?
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    Yes, it happened a few weeks ago, but it was test launch with only 200 vps's allowed for registration, then it was closed.

    Now it seems to be official.

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    Seems like the beta testing is done.

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    Yep, Looks to me like its official. I don't think that i would go with them for a while because as most of us know, new things take a while to work out kinks. - OpenVZ Virtualization with SolusVM Control Panel on High Quality Servers. - Inexpensive VPSs with great features. - 24/7 Ticket Support with FAST Replies - CEO Jackson H - [email protected]

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    pretty good pricing for full managed.

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    wow..nice one..
    I think webhosting should have a VPS service..

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    HostGator has been a great host in the shared provider area, so they will adjust to the VPS offering with time.

    Will eventually compare their fully managed terms to see what is included compared to other hosts...
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  9. Hostgator has become the best reseller host in such a short period of time and has set examples for others to follow in this highly competitive hosting business..

    Good to know more about it...

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