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    Smile [For Hire] UK Linux Admin - Need help setting up VPS? Securing cPanel systems?

    I've got some free time so I am looking to take on some one-time work / build some ongoing relationships with clients.

    My rate is 15/Hour (Approx $25). I'm based in the UK, speak fluent english, and apply a personal touch to all of my work.

    Are you looking to offer your own VPS, or perhaps you offer VPS at the moment?

    I've been handling VPS for 2+ years with thousands of VMs on HyperVM with OpenVZ/Xen, and have been using SolusVM pretty much since the original release. Therefore I know the platforms virtually inside out.

    I can help with everything from setting up new systems, security, OS template creation, advice on hardware and even one-to-one training to get the most out of your setup.


    - HyperVM/Xen server setups + troubleshooting
    - HyperVM/OpenVZ server setups + troubleshooting
    - SolusVM/OpenVZ server setups + troubleshooting
    - Xen OS template creation
    - OpenVZ OS template creation
    - GUI + VNC server setups
    - cPanel server setups
    - cPanel server migrations
    - Securing/Troubleshooting systems
    - Updating/maintainence + healthchecking of systems
    - Script installation
    - Consultation/advice

    If you have something in mind which may be of interest, please let me know and I will see what I can do for you.

    Email: [email protected]


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    As stated I am looking to take on some one-time work + build ongoing relationships with people.

    I dont offer 24x7 support as I'm not a server management company. Although I have no problem in offering "day to day" help for a flat monthly fee, that's not something I want to take on at the moment.


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