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    rented a VPS. how to host domain on it?

    I recently rented a VPS.
    But how do i host my domains on it?

    thank you

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    You may want to contact your host for help on this as this isnt a support forum.

    Also your signature is dead.

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    The first thing you should decide is whether you want to manage everything yourself via SSH (cmd line), or whether you want to use a web-based control panel (GUI).

    If you want a free, web-based control panel, webmin is your best bet. Through webmin you can manage DNS, Apache (webserver), email, and a bunch of other stuff too.

    A word of advice -- if you don't know where to start then your best bet is to go with a control panel. It might even be worth it for you to ask your provider about a paid DirectAdmin or cPanel license, as these control panels are a little more user-friendly than webmin.
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    probably the first steps.. get your ip addresses and then go to your domain registrar and set the nameservers up.

    like and

    the process is different for each regisrar.

    then point your domain to those nameservers

    while you are waiting for those to resolve figure out if you want a control panel or not.. your provider should be able to help you with that.

    from the sound of it a control panel will make your life a bit easier.
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    What software is on your VPS at the moment, and what operating system are you using?

    Assuming this is your first VPS you are going to be better off letting your domain registrar handle DNS, or you can use a service like /

    You then need to setup a webserver, which on CentOS/Fedora/RHEL you can do with:
    yum -y install httpd php php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt ; chkconfig httpd on ; service httpd start

    You can then place your files in /var/www/html

    This is only really a starting point however.

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    If its your first time, your best bet is to go with a free control panel or cpanel...

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    Or hire a professional to get you started if you dont want a control panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinboy View Post
    I recently rented a VPS.
    But how do i host my domains on it?

    thank you
    While getting a control panel and/or system admin is what you should be doing as you seem to be a newbie.
    The basic things that need to be done is upload the required files to the respective accounts on the VPS . Contact your domain registrar and get the domains pointed to the name servers assigned to you.

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    go with cpanel/whm and it is very much easier to manger and your host will help more. If you are not a techie person from your talk then you should go with managed vps options...,many of the are charging a big amount for a single servuce restart.

    Cpanel/Whm is a front end tool used to automoate hosting process. go trhough the demos here

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinboy View Post
    I recently rented a VPS.
    But how do i host my domains on it?

    thank you
    Have you already installed httpd?

    If not you may need to login into SSH and install it manually or use yum (CentOS)

    I also recommend either webmin or virtualmin.

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