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    Monitoring Server Uptime

    What would be the best address (for accuracy) to monitor a server for uptime? The root IP (letting it resolve to the CPanel/Apache landing page) or a website hosted on the server?

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    Optimally you'd test on many metrics from multiple locations. Obviously there are a lot of reasons why apache, or any web-based service for that matter, could be down at any given time without taking the whole machine down with it.

    You should look at
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    Ok, am using Pingdom at the moment. Will look into monitoring multiple services.

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    Pingdom why do you want to move away from it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theparanoidtroll View Post
    What would be the best address (for accuracy) to monitor a server for uptime? The root IP (letting it resolve to the CPanel/Apache landing page) or a website hosted on the server?
    For the best accuracy, you should monitor a real site, especially if your sites are dependent on backend resources such as databases. Monitoring a simple landing page or other static resource will only tell you if Apache is responding properly, but real webpages might still be unavailable due to other failures.

    Alternatively you can setup monitoring of all of your resources, but oftentimes things like MySQL aren't publicly accessible for security reasons, which makes monitoring them directly difficult.

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    we currently use pingdom and it's great - You could also try basicstate - I've never tried hyperspin though, although I should at one point..

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    Quote Originally Posted by XFactorServers View Post
    Pingdom why do you want to move away from it ?
    I don't think the OP does.

    In answer to the OP's question. I have Hyperspin ping my servers, on the main IP, every 5 minutes, as well as a check on port 80, on my main site, every hour.

    I am considering dropping the check on Apache as I feel the ping check is enough, and I am pretty much constantly logged into the server anyway so would notice if Apache when down.

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    We're using Pingdom and running 60 second checks on about 30+ servers. The product is fantastic.

    I just wish their remote linking had more customizations but I can't complain

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. I have set up pingdom to do a check on a drupal site - that way it should catch any errors with both http and database failure.

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    Thumbs up

    Nagios is a very good option or
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    I recommend

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobaria View Post
    Nagios is a very good option or
    I use many external monitoring systems including Pingdom. But Nagios is my most reliable one and helps to keep everything in perspective. It's not easy to set up but well worth it. You can control exactly what, when and how anything is monitored / notified, including your coffee machine. The server overhead is minimal.
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    Another for Pingdom - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    I can recommend they work great and have multiple monitor servers.

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    I'm used Pingdom and host-tracker

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    We use serviceuptime. We have a single content-check monitor that runs every 3 minutes on each server's whmcs status page.

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    Give a try

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    Anyone here try Wormly? I've been using them for over a year and am very satisfied with the services and options available.
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    We use nagios for monitoring, you can monitor host uptime, disk, urls, and any other internal you need. Very handy open source monitoring. You can easily install with rpm or apt-get from rpmforge-release repository.

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    My vote goes for nagios.
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    If you need more flexibility and have the budget you could look at setting up a virtual server and running ip monitor. Ip monitor can do a lot of testing for you and has great reports.
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    Nagios nagios nagios
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    Pingdom is a good Web-based service I'd advise, to perform general monitoring of Web site. However, specialized monitoring software, running from several servers all over the globe, could also be a good option.

    It all depends on what services should be monitored. Server may be up, yet vital services may be down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theparanoidtroll View Post
    What would be the best address (for accuracy) to monitor a server for uptime? The root IP (letting it resolve to the CPanel/Apache landing page) or a website hosted on the server?
    If you put the monitor on the main domain, then most likely you are going to be able to monitor only your http at a time, but if it a hosted domain,then it can help you to trick and monitor dns as well, if your dns is down, your domain will go down and return down in your monitor
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    Sounds strange, but as archaic as Nagios is, there really isn't much out there that works as well. I've been using it for years and live by it.

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