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    problems with myprohost

    Heyah guys... I need some help...

    For the last several months I've been using a VPS from myprohost, and let me start by saying, it has been GREAT service, and they've never been anything but quick to respond to tickets, professional, etc.

    Until now.

    About a week and a half ago, they were having some kind of license issue with their ticket system, lasted for almost 24 hours. But it appeared to have been resolved. But since then, I've been having an issue on my machine I need help with as far as their "managed" services go, but every time I make a ticket, it gets closed within 24 hours.
    I've made at least 4 tickets so far, all closed, no response.
    Tried emailing support@, no response.
    Tried emailing the server admin who helped me prior, no response.

    There's no number to call them directly on their site, they're rarely on the online support, and the rare time I actually catch them on their online support (msn), they don't respond.

    I'm not sure what else to do but cancel the account...

    Any suggestions on how to get ahold of them ? or is it time to move on ?

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    Did you try to use other email address to submit a ticket?
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    eMail them or call their whois information.
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    aye sent one to billing, sent one directly to support, and one to one of the SAs that I worked with in the past.

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    Well they are either not receiving your tickets and emails, or very busy addressing other issues. It sounds really odd though considering how they've treated you before, but I guess all you can do is wait.

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    I would try calling them or try another email. If that doesn't work it might be time to look for a new host.

    If you do get through to them make sure they know how inconvenient they have been so they can step it up, and who knows you might get a nice credit or something out of it.

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    Well I finally got word about what happen.
    seems they're shutting the doors

    Sad to see one of the better hosts out there shut down.

    Just wanted to give them best wishes and thank them for the support they provided over the duration of the account.

    *moment of silence for another fallen vps host*

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    I had just paid for 6 months hosting after which I got the email. Will they be refunding payments for 5 months or will they continue hosting for another 6 months?

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    I got a email from them saying there going out of business. I had to move my last vps server out of there 2 weeks ago. When they sent our the emails. Sorry but it's time to find a new vps host!

    I found a good deal at They have a post around somewhere.

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