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    Angry What is the best way to advertise a new site?

    When you guys first opened your site, how did you guys advertise your site for free..? I have this one video game forum but i don't know how to start advertising it to people.. I am young so i don't have money to advertise by paying money..... Please help me out!!

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    Since it's a video game forum, I would ask both real life and online friends to register and write a few messages first. Because if the forum is empty, even paid advertising won't get you visitors who would take the time to register.

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    I don't have experience with video games and such websites, but I would start with searching in the SE on various keywords related to your business and to categorize results. I'm sure you shall find at least a dozen of good websites where to get traffic from.
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    The good thing about forums is that you're not selling anything for money, so getting new members to register shouldn't be too hard for you, as long as the forum is active. Try advertising while you play (make your handle the name of your forum) or join some gaming league forums and display your link in your sig.
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    social network, forums posting, ad space it will help you to get traffic but if you want to retain your visiter provide them exactly what they want

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    Well...I think this topic does not belong to web hostng section...
    There are some ways to advertise any site - however you should do it legally (i.e. reading TOSes).
    1) put the link into your signature at the forums you are active in;
    2) post in any forum that has something like "Rate my site". Just be sure you are to answer questions, not just "throw and forget";
    3) include in all directories you know, from Yahoo to DMOZ or alike. It's free of charge;
    4) facebook or any social network profile;
    5) advertising where it is legal and free of charge. Some forums does have it. There are free ads sites - you may want to use them;
    6) advertising on a targeted audience. If it's video game forum - why not bring some ad material to a local video game store? Or on a specialized website?

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    tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and social networking has a pretty big effect on entertainment forums such as gaming, music, etc. - if you can make it a little unique, you'll have people visiting the forum and posting. Just don't expect to grow to the largest forum in the world in a few months, that's where most people fail when it comes with expectations of their forum.

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    I think social bookmarking and niche forum posting would be really useful for this purpose. It is easy to find gaming forums these days. Of course, you might want to build backlinks from relative sites and remember to put your keywords in your links.
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    The best and the simplest way is to get started new google adwords campaighn. I suppose that is the best way to get started

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    You can use Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Meme etc.

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    You could also try those paid posting services. They usually charge about $0.10 per post
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    Go with the google adwords. Select the right keywords. You can get lot of traffic from it.
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    I would agree - use adwords, but don't only rely on them. Begin posting in other similiar forums and chat areas..

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    i agree with the adwords its expensive

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    Many things are in my mind when I think about that question. There are many ways to advertise your site, you need to got information and to make your choice which way is the best. In that case I'll give you information , you have to read and make your choice.
    Hope I can help.

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    grass roots, word of mouth among friends, create some contets, give doesn't have to be anything material, offer like your nick with colors, more space for signature, etc.....

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    Well, social networking sites are very effective in promoting your site, plus its free. But you might want to make sure you already have some regular users at least just for the sake that it doesn't look empty. You could also try hiring paid forum posting companies. Payperpostforum is one, but actually just simply doing a google search would already give you a lot of options. =)

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    Yes. Social networking. Plus posting thelink to your website on websites, that have similar content will affect your google rank.

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    Link exchange is important

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    Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can create groups to advertise your website. For link building, choose forums that are in the same niche.

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    First identify who your target market is... are you going after young gamers, serious gamers, niche games, etc?

    Then find out where your target market goes online. There are tons of forums and blogs that you can post in with a signature link or links intext directly to your site. Most importantly your comments must add value to your target market or they will never click on your links.

    Maybe also research and write an interesting article and post it around the internet with inline links to your website.

    If you don't know where you target market goes online then research your keywords and do a Google search... you'll find tons of related sites.

    Directories are a waste of time 98% of the time and takes lots of research to find the good ones that bring in traffic so don't focus too much on them.

    Most importantly have fun! If you're writing interesting things and like what you do then it's contagious and others might follow your enthusiasm..

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    If you want to advertise your website, do link building.
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    Some of the ways you can advertise your business are:
    1. Post an article about your business on related blogs and get free visitors and back links
    2. Submitting to directories
    3. Free classifieds
    4. Also there are 100 of forums site get participate to forums related websites belong to your product and services.
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    You can ask your friends, classmates, family members and other guys you can mobilize to promote your new video site.
    U gotta know that promotion is very important for a new site.
    Ask for them to leave comments in your site, start to post in other similar forums, and u can also exchange links from the popular sites.

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    That's right, but you gave to keywords optimization and link submission low role I think. General SEO specialists say something a little bit else here - . I trusted them and for now result shows that they don't have mistake. Forums and blogs are OK, but it will be better if we use more promotion techniques.

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    As others have said, encourage your own friends and "online" friends to join first. Posting in other forums would help too - but no spamming. Perhaps a tasteful signature or something along those lines.

    Perhaps start a blog of your own with useful content and link back to your forum.

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    Go to myamazinghosting dot com and exchange your link for free. This is the best way to advertise a new site.

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