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    Paid advertising or free advertising?

    I am at the point where I need to make a decision on advertising and spending money or trying free advertising such as forums etc. What worked best for you in terms of receiving paying customers.

    If you think paid advertising tell me where you were most successful.

    If you think free advertising tell me where you were most successful.


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    Use forums, its free and if it doesn't work you can always move to paid.
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    You should go with both.

    From one side promoting on forums, submitting your site on free business categories

    On the other side using tools like google adwords for the PPC adv, placing banners on some valuable forums...

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    I think you should look into both. But if you want to do one or the other the I would suggest free advertising and review your progress after a predetermined amount of time (eg. 3 Months).

    Then if you decide it is not working out for you then you should perhaps look into paid.

    Don't give up though. These things don't just happen over night, especially with free methods. You need to get people to recognise your name first!

    Hope this helps, Good luck.
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    we've tried both and it's a better combination than if you just focus on either free or paid. For paid it may not always work out, and free is free...the only downside is if you're getting negative publicity.

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    Try with adwords, find coupons in webmaster tools from google in inbox for free $100. Everyone used google and this is the best way to place your ads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlimitedHosting View Post
    Try with adwords, find coupons in webmaster tools from google in inbox for free $100. Everyone used google and this is the best way to place your ads.
    If you are going to use Adwords make sure you do your research first and know what keywords are best for you. Also make sure your site is SEO optimized. If you are just starting out make sure you have analytics or anything tracking in place so you can keep track of what works best for you. There are many things you need to consider if you want to do paid advertising, make sure your ROI is worth it.
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    You could try putting up an ad at It's like $50 a month over a million impressions too I believe.

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    We have only used free advertising and it worked for us. Just post on forums, you will get your customers if you have the right prices.
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    Thank You

    Wow Thank You Everyone For Your Input!
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    Post in forums + free advertising + word of mouth

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    I'd recommend that you create a business plan that analyzes your advertising budget, desired return, etc. - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Try both. Free can work but is generally slower to generate sales. Paid will get more sales but obviosuly your paying...

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    Its a good idea to begin with paid advertising when your business is an infant. This I found is the most successful method for starters. And as your business gets popular, move on to free advertising. One may also try free and paid advertising side by side and compare the results.

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    Paid advertising is worth it but depending on what sites you advertise. Forums is a great way for free advertising, but don’t just join a forum with the only purpose of advertising.

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    Forums is probably the best way to advertise. You should try that.
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    Paid: Google adwords
    Free: Forum posting, social media, word of mouth

    You should try both. Anything that can bring in traffic you should try it.
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    I think there is a lot of value to be had in both methods, your reach is definitely increased with paid advertising, however if you don't have the correct plan and analytic systems in place your lunch will get eaten.

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    I think free is the best as paid would add up a lot of extra burden on the pricing of the hosting plan i m new and i might be wrong correct me
    I m yet to launch a hosting company having plans for this Christmas

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