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    Cheap switch for internal traffic, is it reliable and fast?

    Currently I'm using about 6 servers, they all to 2 gigabit LAN ports.

    All are hooked up to the external internet on eth0.

    Four of them are also hooked up to an internal switch (using ip, etc..) on eth1.

    I've mostly used the internal network (10.1.1.x) for backup and small amount of reverse proxying.

    Recently I'm thinking of installing mogilefs(a distributed file system) and letting it use the internal network for file distribution, and sending files through the internal network to the outside network. I expect a large amount of traffic through this.

    I'm using a cheap D-Link 5p DGS-1005 switch which has never given me trouble before for a few years, would this be sufficient for non-critical large amounts or internal traffic?
    Or could someone recommend a different switch(lowend)?

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    Honestly, its going to depend on the amount of traffic that will end up passing through the switch. Though if you state that its not going to be critical information, it should hold up just fine. Though it is pretty dated. You'll just have to test it out, though changes are it will still perform decently. As far as low end for a replacement, how much are you looking at?
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