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    Smile A Security Geru!

    I know there are a lot of talk about securing a server, and I wanted
    to share my situation and the "Genius" that saved me major money and
    and bandwidth! Running a adult tube site that was using 350 to 450 GB of bandwidth a day. I knew I was having a leaching problem so asking for help,UNIXy of replied to help.
    24 hours later my bandwidth usage was cut by 75% and the # of connections to my site was up by 25%. He hardened my server, installed a firewall, and taught me how to manage it.

    If you have problems, I highly recommend UNIXy

    Send him a pm for help!

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    Glad to hear that UNIXy helped you out. I've never seen a bad thing posted about UNIXy.
    Ask me about CloudCentrum (coming soon) -- The complete, turn-key cloud software solution

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    Glad to be of help . I wish you great success.

    UNIXy - Fully Managed Servers and Clusters - Established in 2006
    [ cPanel Varnish Nginx Plugin ] - Enhance LiteSpeed and Apache Performance - Los Angeles | Houston | Atlanta | Rotterdam
    Love to help pro bono (time permitting). joe >

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