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Thread: need info

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    need info

    hi i am new to a reseller account and am wondering how to set it up could u help me my url is

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    What exactly are you trying to set-up? A website, a host, etc?
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  3. well you need billing software a template of some sort a payapl account atleast

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    By setting up do you mean you want to make a website to sell hosting space? If that is the case then it's not done automaticly.

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    I think he means the whole site, First off you need a server or a reseller account with a control panel looks like you have cpanel, Now in cpanel do you have WHM? That web host manager. Also a template I see that you have whmcs billing system.

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    You should probably do some research on what you are getting yourself into before you order a plan... If you don't even know how to get started how do you plan on supporting any clients you may obtain?
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