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Thread: New Here :)

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    New Here :)

    I found webhostingtalk by searching for VPS deals through google. After looking through the forums I thought to myself "I need to be a part of this!"

    I've been a web developer for about 10 years. I like to work with PHP/MySQL, but at work we use MS-SQL and .NET.

    I currently have my own VPS through 1and1. I'm currently debating to stick with it(it does meet my needs) or move to the bottom of the line dedicated server for $10 more. Basically just for the space. I could do alot more with 120gb rather than 20gb. If I could get a VPS with 100gb for the same $50 a month I'd probably go with that.

    I have some people renting portions of my VPS, which helps pay for it every month as well, which is helpful.

    Looking forward to learning more about web hosting and servers.

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    Hello JamesGT, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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