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Thread: Backup Hosting?

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    Backup Hosting?

    I am seeking a way to auto back up all my sites on a secondary hosting account with a secondary hosting provider.

    I have low traffic sites, usually less than 5 pages per site.

    I use a reseller account with WHM and cpanel. I pay a small for more space than I will ever use and more bandwidth than I am likely to ever use, I like to have space when I need new sites which is pretty often.

    Can anyone offer me some help as to an easy way to create backups and help me to insure that my sites are always backed up and can roll to the secondary host should any issues arrive with my current host.

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    You could for an external backup company like bqinternet; set your WHM reseller package to FTP all the backups over, and use those backups to restore it to a new reseller account you may buy.

    Of course you can also just buy a secondary reseller account at an other host; and just transfer the sites, without changing DNS; in those cases you only need to change DNS to get your sites online elsewhere. This will work if you do not have to many updates on those pages; so you can manually transfer those when needed.

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    You could get a second account setup the same as the other one and rsync the data from one to another on a cron.
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