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Host The Best brings you HTB MyIP Branded; it can determine your current IP address at any point of time with just one click. It makes use of a fail proof mechanism to resolve both static and dynamic IP addresses with absolute accuracy.

HTB MyIP 2.0 is custom built software to find out your IP address. Unlike other software which is incapable of determining a real world IP when you are behind a firewall or router, HTB MyIP 2.0 is effective and accurate. It also provides you with your host name and additionally returns your local as well as external IP address - extremely important on a LAN to start up games or connect to other machines.

This is good for hosting companies where the server blocks their clients' IP addresses for any reason. When the client reports the problem to company's technical support the company will now send the client HTB MyIP 2.0 Branded software (your company) to install. The company will no longer send any other IP sites for the client to install. When the branded MyIP 2.0 is installed, the client will see their IP address, which they will send back to the company's support team. The good thing about this software is that when you send link to your clients they will only see your company brand. We will brand it for you to sell it or offer it for free to all your clients/visitors. Every time they use it they will see your logo and the website URL associate with it. The end user will receive a self installer exe file with your branding; our name does not appear anywhere.

This cost is $29.99 per license.

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