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    .js file getting injected?

    One of my .js file is getting injected, adding malicious code to the top. I replaced the file and changed file permission to 444 about 3 weeks ago but just right now, the malicous code was added again.

    My computer is spyware free and I have strong password, what can be the cause of this?

    I need to find out how it's able to add the code. My temporary solution is to do a cron wget to replace the .js file every day, how do I set it up in DirectAdmin?

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    I suggest to check FTP and Apache access log for your website. Sometime this happens if there is XSS vulnerability in your code.

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    Check whether there are any .php files in your images folder.

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    Likely your FTP password compromised, try changing it.

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    did you check other file for updates ?
    find -mtime -4

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