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    1-Page Design needed Yesterday!

    I have 3 single page designs i need.
    I need them done this weekend!

    If anyone can do this PM for details.


    Must be able to do it this weekend.

    Must understand SEO web design, the sites must have be
    designed in a way to hinder seo optimization.

    Code must be clean and use all meta, title, heading, etc. tags
    and be clean for easy editing.

    Must have portfolio and experience with online webdesign (and ad design a plus)

    Meet Budget
    Budget is $20-40 a page.

    I can provide more work after project is complete,
    this is just a quickie

    NOTE: The designs are not for webhosting company, if thats
    all experience in need not consider job.
    A Resellers Dream, In a Box

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    hey im free this weekend and this can definitely be done.
    u can check out my portfolio if you google untouchable-media

    i can help and willing to do it for 30$ a page

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