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    Need Custom AJAX Instant Domain Lookup Search Script w/WHOIS Results

    Hello --

    I'm seeking a freelance developer who is proficient in AJAX and PHP/MySQL (and maybe a little XHTML/CSS to make things pretty).

    This is a request for a custom developed app, here are the details:

    - An instant domain look-up script that will, as the user types in a domain name, instantly tell whether the top 3 TLDs are registered, or available. So if I'm typing, very slowly, the word "h-e-l-l-o" the results will actually look up the domains h(.com/.net/.org), he(.com/.net/.org), hel(.com/.net/.org), etc. and display the results in real time below (basically a yes or no result).

    If you can do this, and add a couple of other bells and whistles like a full WHOIS result for the domain upon further request, then please PM me.

    I will spec out the details of this pretty clearly, so I'd like to receive fixed price bids for this program.

    Please PM me with your thoughts, what you think it will cost, links to or examples of past work (or a description of your skills).

    If you have a PayPal account, I can pay you instantly following approval and delivery of the program via e-mail.

    Look forward to your response --


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    Still looking for developers --

    I realize this will utility will likely need to interface with a bulk WHOIS API to perform WHOIS lookups. Please let me know if you have experience with this, and recommendations for the best/cheapest API to use.

    Also - Lookups will have to be limited by IP, cookies, or sessions to prevent more than X number of lookups per user.


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    Am doing something like that already please email me at sales (at)
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
    WHMCS Development | WHMCS Addons / Modules

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