I had a thread on this prior.. but I'm still at a loss on how to read this.. i tried googling but I still haven't gotten a good explanation..

so i type tcptrack -i eth0 (so its in promiscuous mode)

The output is

Client Server State Idle Speed
IP #1 IP #2 SYN_SENT 1s 0b

If IP #1 and IP #2 are not my server - what does that mean? Why am I seeing connections where my server IP isn't in there? I'm seeing lots of these on my servers , with the IP addresses belonging to other servers in the same datacentre.

I can't discard them at the firewall, because they aren't actually connections.. they never go beyond syn_sent. Is it my server initiating this? or is this chatter on the network that my server is picking up?

Sometimes i have over 5000 of these listed