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    * is legal sell redrawn (to vector) Logos


    I have thousands of Colombian logotypes re-drawn (to vector) by Colombian designers (or for me)

    they sell these logotypes in CD

    I would like knowing if this is legal

    can I resell the logotypes?

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    Sure, it's "legal" to resell them, but that doesn't mean you're not going to have your ass sued into oblivion.
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    he excuses, but my English is not very good

    might you be clearer?

    I have seen companies CDs with logotypes of the whole world (Nike, Nokia, Coca-Cola) to the sale, CDs that sell important companies

    cannot I sell my own work (or others colombian designers) of re-drawn?

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    If it is your own work, as in you drew it on paper and scanned it, then took it into Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, or any other vector producing program, sure, it's fine to sell it to one person only. But if you're taking others' works and selling it, and they didn't give you the right to do so, then they can take you to court for what copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights you've violated for the country your are an inhabitant of.

    You can only sell a logo once because whoever buys it will end up trademarking it. Can you imagine one party successfully suing many others because you went ahead and sold it to several people?

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    Since I see it is an extremely complex topic, because then nobody might do designs with corporate marks unless previously he asks the designer of the logotype for permission which is clear that it isn't like that

    If someone uses the Nike logotype I am sure that he isn't going to ask for permission his creator or the proprietors of Nike for it

    On some pages they companies insert dozens of logotypes of completely foreign marks, and I am sure that also it is without authorization

    I believe that there must be some concrete law on the use of logotypes (when they can be used, when not, and with the permission of whom)

    Moreover, most of the big companies have in his web the logotype vectorial managerial to download so that the designers could use them without distorting the corporate image, therefore I understand that it isn't also necessary to ask them for permission (although the fact of already selling it implies other questions)

    I understand for the expressed opinions that sites as http:// /
    they would be illegal, and sincerely I don't believe that this way it is

    What happens if instead of selling a vector logotype of a company, I sell the service of looking for it in the web, download it and delivering (email) it to the client? also would it be illegal?

    For me it would be the same... although it is possible that legally the implications are different

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    it is not legal because you just recreate the logo the creative idea is still own by them. In logo design, creativity is very important and you did not apply this part which is very important.

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    thanks for your opinion - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    Even if a logo isn't Trademarked, you could still be in breach of copyright for copying it...

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    ok, thanks - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    yes it's illegal. Big ompanies such as Coke and Nike own their trademark and have full rights in all distribution. If you're making money from selling their image they might come after you

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