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    Is anyone else with Aquarius unable to access your sites? Their main site is up, but none of my sites are loading and havent been all day. I am on the stinger server and now stinger isnt even listed on the uptime page. Something is wrong. Support has not responded either, which is strange because they are usually very quick.

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    They replied and said the server was under an attack and they are working on it. Thats like the 3rd attack they have had since I joined them 4 months ago.

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    Do you mean to say Aquarius Storage (

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    Unfortunately stinger one of our newest servers, thus it is one that we was actively putting clients on. That being said, stinger has been attacked at least 2 other times in the last 4 months. Given that, as of today we are no longer going to be placing new accounts on stinger. We have responded to ever client that has submitted a ticket as well as posted on our twitter, so we have been communicating. We're very sorry about the inconvenience however service should be returning to normal operation shortly.



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    Oops, sorry about that. Yeah Aquarius Storage, not Hosting.

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