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    Question single payment / provisioning for multiple servers


    I am wondering how all these web hosts do the following;

    You have several servers (say 2 for shared hosting), but there is single payment page and it takes payments, provision system, make recurring billing etc...

    I understand CPanel / WHMCS will achieve this in a single server, but how to achieve this when you have more than one server?

    Is there a separate software for this or does CPanel / WHMCS support billing / provisioning on multiple servers?

    It would be great if someone can explain this to me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    WHMCS = Billing system
    cPanel/WHM = Server Control Panel

    WHMCS can provision as many shared accounts across as many cPanel/WHM servers you need. In the latest versions you have server groups where it will evenly distribute account provisioning when a new client signs up.

    So in short, you can have one system/account/server/vps with WHMCS. Which can technically provision on 1, 2, 3, 500, 5000+ cPanel/WHM servers, etc.

  3. the possibilities are unlimited with the new whmcs

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    use hsphere control panel, it will all solve the problems

    The main advantage of HSphere is that its multiplatform and works on the cluster concept where you have different name servers, web servers, database servers, etc. Very good if you have a large number of servers and would like to split tasks. You have one central CP server which communicates with the other servers

    The biggest advantage of H-sphere is its scalability and the total cost of ownership. System Administration, Billing, Support, Marketing ...nothing left for a hosting company

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    whmcs is really good tool for billing,you can use number of servers in it.
    also can set default server. it is not only billing system but it helps
    you in ticketing and support stuff too

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    If you're using WHM/cPanel for your server, a lot of software will automate signup, not only WHMCS (although its probably one of the best), stuff like the latest versions of CE, Modernbill and (I believe) ubersmith will do it to, also handling auto suspension etc which saves a lot of time

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    I think now I understand how the things are done across multiple servers. thanks everyone for taking the time to explain this.

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