Host Our Web is currently in a restructure phase and has several of the dedicated servers below to offer as unmanaged with unlimited bandwidth. The only limitation of this server is the 10mbit port itís connected to (and other limitations in our T.O.S). These servers come with NO contract or setup feeís. Specs of the servers are below.

1x Intel E5200 dual core processor @ 2.5ghz
  1. 10mbit port
  2. 4gb of ram
  3. 1 500gb of Hard drive

$55 a month with coupon code WHT II (regularly $85). This is NOT a month to month promotion. $55 is what you will pay while using this server for as long as you use this server.
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All dedicated servers come with the following.
  • initial operating system install (base only)
  • Kvm over Ip access (3hours a month free, $5 for every extra)
  • Unlimited reboots
  • 24 hour toll free hotline.
  • 99% network uptime

Supported Operating systems.
  • Windows 2003 datacenter x64 edition extra $40 a month
  • Windows 2003 datacenter edition extra $40 a month
  • Windows 2008 datacenter edition extra $40 a month
  • Windows 2008 datacenter x64 edition extra $40 a month
  • Redhat (fedora core), centos, Ubuntu, and debian

Test ip is

These always go very fast and are stock controlled within our system so like our other products there is NO overselling. First come first served. These servers have already been burned in, and are standing by for your order. Access instructions will be delivered within 1-2 hours of order (depending on your Operating system selection)