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    Switch needed please advise

    I am looking for switch anything more than 8 port that will give me management and allow me to set switch ports 10/100/1000 200 dollars or less please let me know what you reccomend

    I just need something simple that i can set network speed at the switch

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    Cisco 3524XL / 3548 series used on Ebay will be a good switch and you will be able to vlan trunk if you expand.

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    Gigabit and managed for under $200?! Good luck You'll get junk for that amount of money unless you find a huge bargain on ebay.

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    You might try going with one of the consumer brands like linksys or netgear. I hope you don't plan on using one of these for your business, though. As for management, I don't know if they have rsh or anything like that, but you should be able to tunnel to their web interfaces from one of your attached devices for management.
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    A decent gig switch is going to cost over $200, your only going to end up with a high end home or small business one for that, nothing data centre kind of spec and management.
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    Yeah, as new goes, 24-port Gig managed will not happen. You can pick up used HP 1800-24g which are "web" managed for ~$160ish used on eBay though. They're good switches, and sound like they'll do just what you need. Note that for some odd reason, these switches cannot "admin down" a port entirely. Best you can do is switch it down to 10 Megabit.

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