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    Lots of apache graceful commands in top, under attack?

    There are I think at least 50 of user nobody running command /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k graceful

    Is this an attack?

    When I killed them one by one, now I see lots of these commands run by nobody:
    /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL

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    'nobody' is an Apache user and all those are the connections to your websites. 50 isn't a large figure, however, if you would like to check the status of Apache connections, use either of the 2 options (both will show the same result):

    WHM >> Service Status >> Apache Status


    SSH to the server and execute:
    lynx http://localhost/whm-server-status

    To list and sort the IPs connecting to the Apache service, use the netstat command
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    Are you running cPanel\WHM? If so, what version? There is an issue with 11.25 that caused tons of graceful restarts, downgrading to 11.24 fixed it for us.
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    You can check number of connections to apache server by using following command.

    netstat -anp | grep 80 | wc -l

    If this number is too large then, it could be ddos on your server. Apart from this you can try corey's advice.

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    Yes, 50 of user nobody seems to be normal.
    What is the load on the server?
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    Load is between 9 and 15

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    Load between 9 to 15 doesn't seems to be fine. Its definitely sound like something nasty is happening on the server. Try to find what suspicious process are responsible for causing load. Use below command from more detail processes,

    # ps auxf or # top
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