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    Building up a web server


    my question is :
    i want to build a web server that supports both php and ASP.NET web apps. we are planning to use Linux as a OS.

    is this possible . i mean how and what should i do to the HTTP server to be able to server requests for both technologies.

    also what is the best Linux distribution for a hosting server.

    last question.. what do you thing about using hosting inside virtual machines ? is it good?

    thank you.

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    That's possible to an extent. Install Apache and Mono's ASP .Net 2.0 or 1.0. Virtual machines will work just fine but it all depends on resource usage and capacity. I prefer CentOS for production.

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    ASP.NET is not fully supported in Linux, the support for ASP.NET is limited in Linux. If you want to use both PHP and ASP.NET I would suggest Windows servers. Again it depends on your applications.
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    Yes . ASP scripts not fully work in cPanel . Its windows platform based application . I prefer to use a windows server.

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    If this is for production environment then you are much better off using a windows server, use IIS as the webserver and PHP can compile into it. There is no real support for in linux and i doubt that if you can get it to work that it will be stable enough for a production environment
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    Build a Web server beefy enough that you can run virtual machines.

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    do you mean by production environment.. system going live and serving browsers requests?
    also for you as an experts what do you suggest? going with windows hosting? or are there any solution of using 2 virtual machines and depending on the request it will be moved to specific server " IIS or Apache"... i really don't trust windows stability.

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    It really depends on your business. If you are putting yourself out there as a company who can host .NET applications, your customers will likely be expecting that you are running a Windows server with full .NET support. If you don't know enough about Windows Server to run a stable setup, then you should run it in a virtual environment on top of an OS that you have more knowledge of.

    And to answer your fourth question, yes.

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