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    3 months review - Bad experiences

    After 2 hardisk replacements during the last 3 months and after the server remained forcefully disconnected for a whole day (because of their stupid billing mistake) I think it is high time that I gave my feedback on

    If you don't want to read the rest of the post, I will summarize my experience with whole sale internet in a single sentence - The only good thing about is their price.

    My first celeron server with them was cancelled last month after I migrated to their pentium server.

    If you are running a serious website or the site is your sole bread winner, I recommend you look for some other host who is serious about you and your business.

    The real shock came this wednesday when disconnected my server without reason. The only reason they had was they thought my account was overdue. And they refused to reconnect even when I tell them that it was a mistake from their part. I have been informing them for the past more than a week through half a dozen emails, regarding an incorrect invoice. They either simply ignored my mails or went on asking me to pay. Then they also sent me invoices for $0 amount that stated I have no dues. I wrote to them more than a couple of times last week regarding the problem in their billing and that I do not owe them anything. They did not correct it and left the invoice open. Tuesday evening (US time) they pulled the plug. And my server remained disconnected the whole night, while I try to convince them of the situation. This is daytime here in Singapore and is the peak traffic hour for my site. The support staff asked me to wait till the billing team arrived the next day.

    It seems this is a billing issue that only the billing team can resolve. Till the billing people are in office the next day and they correct their mistake, I was told that my server would remain disconnected (what a joke !!).

    If they took even the slightest effort to look at the 6 or 7 invoices and my payment history, they would have seen that everything was already paid for. You dont need a masters in mathematics to look at these invoices to know that it has been paid for.

    While they have all the invoices with them to see, they would not even look at it. Instead they plainly say, "your account is overdue so the server was removed".

    Agreed, some organizations are lazy. Even if were too lazy to go through my invoices, they could have atleast re-connected the machine and then tried to resolve the problems at their end. But they flatly refused to reconnect the server.

    Just imagine what would have happened if the next day was holiday for their billing department ? If it was the weekend and the billing would not be back till Monday ?

    To disconnect the machine simply shows their arrogance and shows that they don't care about the damage they are doing to the customer. This sole attitude indicates how much they value their customers and their business.

    I would have paid the invoice then and there if I could have afforded it, and then settled the matter later. But if I could have afforded to pay that amount at any time of the day/month, why will I be using their clearance server ?

    I had two hardrives being replaced on two of my servers within the last 3 months. I have no complaints. These are clearance servers and hardwares do go bad sometimes.

    The one good thing I found about them is their price and that is why I'm still staying with them.

    But if you are serious about your websites, find someone who is atleast half that much serious about their business.

    They put my server online the next day saying they will look into this issue and correct the billing.
    Today is Friday. Three days are gone. Today I again receive the automated mail informing my invoice is overdue. They don't want to correct their mistake. They are again at the same joke and that just shows how serious they are.

    Maybe my server will be disconnected again tomorrow. Let us wait and see.

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    Maybe it isn't a misktake? Are you that sure that it isn't a problem on your end?
    Can't we all just get along

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    It is not my mistake because I paid for this server just recently on Oct 27. I cancelled my previous server before its due date which they removed from my invoice after I pointed that mistake. But this mistake was left open.

    They had done some readjustments to bring the billing to 1st of everymonth and I am sure that is what caused the problem at their end. I knew they made a mistake and I sent them couple of mails asking them to correct it.

    If it was my mistake, they should atleast inform me what the calculations are and how they reached that value.

    Here is a portion of one of the mails that I sent them (relevant account numbers etc are commented out)

    Please look at the invoices that I have paid you.

    xxxx Aug/03/2009 Aug/03/2009 $ 28.00 -- Service 28xx
    xxxx Sep/03/2009 Sep/03/2009 $ 28.00 -- Service 28xx
    xxxx Oct/03/2009 Oct/03/2009 $ 28.00 -- Service 28xx (This should have covered the service till November 3)

    I requested the Service 28xx to be cancelled on Nov 2nd. So this service was all paid up for.

    Now the new server was ordered and paid on October 27.

    xxxx Oct/27/2009 Oct/27/2009 $ 35.00 -- Service 34xx (Amount $32.29 was paid with $2.71 credit)

    If you move the billing dates around, you should have charged me only $9.5 for the remaining one week. But you charged me 32.29 that I paid for.
    One good thing about them is they don't pull the plug exactly on the last day of invoice. They disconnected only on 10th November for the invoice that was due on 1st. I appreciate them for that.

    The thing that made me mad was they could have kept the server connected and then resolved the problem at their end. Even after my repeated requests the support staff refused to re-connect saying only the billing people can handle this.

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    so..finally......wholesaleinternet realize that this is their mistake? or you realize that this is your mistake? or no results till now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmridul View Post
    The one good thing I found about them is their price and that is why I'm still staying with them.

    But if you are serious about your websites, find someone who is at least half that much serious about their business.

    I trust that you realize that your entire post is counter intuitive and self defeating.

    a) By your own admission, you are not very serious about your websites or you would not stay with them.

    b) By suggesting that (other/potential) customers go somewhere else, you are asking for the companies revenue to decrease. This will drive up the cost per user, forcing them to raise prices or go out of business. This, in turn, defeats your desire for 'cheap pricing'.

    You should probably make up your mind. If they are as horrible as you seem to believe (or would have us believe), then why are you not taking your own advice and finding another host?

    I can understand writing a bad review. But it makes no sense (to me) to write a bad review and 'stay'.
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    I disagree. The review makes total sense. The bottom line is "the service is horrible, but it is so cheap that the price trumps it all".

    Mind you, I'm not talking about the service itself - just the review, which, although emotional, sounds logical to me.
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