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    I need a VPS, who can help me?

    The former vps is not enough for me , who can tell me which company has a good vps that the speed is fast in USA but not expensive ?

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    What's your definition of "expensive"?

    Also everyone on WHT is going to ask you this, what are your requirements(Disk, RAM, bandwidth)?
    Jacob Wall -

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    RAM 1G
    Disk More than 80G
    bandwidth more than 500G

    windows 2003 std.

    monthly billing
    I saw 1and1 has a plan is only 59.99/mo.but I don't how about its quality.

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    1and1 should be decent, but I'm certain you can find better here on WHT. I would check out the VPS Hosting Offers forum and search for Windows.
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    If you need good services you have to pay for that.If you go with cheaper obviously their services also cheaper.

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    who can sugget me some budget vps hosting ?
    Good service & High quality & cheap

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    if you consider with linux base, try you luck at currently i have one with them. not to bad.

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    try They have reasonable Windows VPS plans available. :: BSD based hosting for smart people
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    Go with a reputed VPS company and never trust run away hosts. It gonna give you troubles always.
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    I got a windows VPS from Servercomplete for testing, very happy with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovehost View Post
    if you consider with linux base, try you luck at currently i have one with them. not to bad.
    Can you please provide a domain that you own and have hosted with this company to show your experience?
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    WHT should definitely help you get a good deal on vps hosting. Just make sure you do your homework before making your choice. Volsh redefines web hosting!
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    See website for details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyan View Post
    I got a windows VPS from Servercomplete for testing, very happy with them.
    Thanks for the recommendation!
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    Have you found a host yet? Hope you did check the offer forum here like nexeon suggested. And if ever you have one already, it would be great to share your experience with us..

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