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    apache and db related ??

    I had this doubt from a very long time, are the apache and db (i.e mysql) related.

    I came across few image scripts which meant no db was required, so do they consume no apache load or are they both 2 different services ?? i.e mysql load is different from apache load ??
    its confusing for me

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    No there is no relation between the apache and mysql server. These both are two distinct server. As Mysql server is the database engine,server and tools such as sql server or oracle . And apache is a webserver. The mysql server is entirely distinct from the webserver, although this both are
    operated on a different port and uses the different high level protocol. So these both services are different.
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    I knew they are 2 different platforms but I had doubt if there were inter-related in any way on the server

    thanks for clearing the doubt keser
    so even if the script doesn't use sql, it will cause load to apache server

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    They are inter-related when you are using a back end in your scripts. Also make a note its the PHP which is communicating with MySQL using modules and Apache is communicating with PHP using libraries integrated with it. Apache load is defined by the number of virtual hosts and the load associated with the number of requests.
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