I have server running with Apache 1.3, but I want to migrate this to Apache 2.2

I have a problem:

- When I access webpage with Apache 1.3, for example big PHP page, Apache 1.3 send page in "stream", and page show step by step in my browser.

- When I access the same webpage with Apache 2.2, the page show in my browser all at time. The page take about 4 sec to generate, and with 2.2, the page don't load any until all page is generated (4s) and then browser shows all page at a time.

With 1.3, I see a portion of page, another portion, .... and in 4 s I have all page.

I want that Apache 2.2 work as 1.3, and "stream" PHP pages, instead of generate the page complete and then send to browser.

It's possible?