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    hosting large website

    Hello ,
    in the last years i worked on development of new website with unique idea , before 4 months i released beta version of the website just for feedback/bugs fix purpose.

    the results were amazing the website got lots of traffic and growing from day to day..
    soon i am going to start with large advertising campaign/seo and i look forward for huge traffic .. but before i would like to prepare myself from the hosting point of view .

    for now i am using a shared web hosting (and already have problems because I am using all my hosting limited resources) , i would like to get your help/opinion to decide which method is most optimal in order to host my website in the right way so i can grow with the traffic and users without having hosting problems (to find a hosting solution that will provide me a way to grow with the hosting according to the site traffic and to reduce costs.

    general guidelines for my website:

    1. website is written in php language and driven by sql queries .
    2. each user can create and account and receive 100 mb for uploading images , videos etc..

    i would like my hosting solution to be modular , so i will not have to worry about the growing of the traffic compare to my hosting .

    i heard on new methods such grid/cloud hosting but i am not sure if its the right solution for me . i will be happy to get your help and opinions


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    The number of the users?
    I think you need to stick to the VPS server. Not for the web hosting

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    I prefer VPS or Dedicated, you can search here itself which are the best providers.

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    I believe you should first look into what are the bottlenecks of your website; see what is causing the most cpu usage and bandwidth and find out where the limits are; that will point you to the right solution for you, and gives you insight on what you can do to improve performance. It is always a game of balance between Hardware and Software and their limitations.

    Only after you did pin point the above you will be able to look into a solution which fits you best, just recommending you a VPS or Dedicated server will not help you in any way; it will work for some time but if you keep growing it will not be a solution which you can grow fast in.

    In other words; start looking to your needs and go from there with some reliable partner which can deliver you a wide scale op solutions but is honest enough to let you start slow and grow when needed.

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    Before looking at hardware and an expensive hosting solution, I would always advise people to take a good look at their software and look for improvements and efficiencies that can be made there first. Changing database queries, or changing the structure of your database for instance, could improve performance and reduce load significantly. It's much easier to change things at this stage before you blow up!

    Once you're 100% happy with the efficiency of your code - then start looking for a hosting solution that matches your requirements. One of the key things that you'll need to work out (ideally by doing some Apache benching or similar) is your expected visitors load (e.g. 1, 10, 100 or 1000 concurrent users??) as well as how much of your load will be static, how much dynamic; furthermore, with your database - you might want to consider how much of your load is reads versus writes - you may be able to use memcached to help your database even further.

    The point of this post is that you can have a busy, well configured web application running nicely on a virtual server or two, whilst you can have other poorly configured applications than run terribly on multiple dedicated servers!
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    A Cloud hosting would work for you if you do not want to care about a VPS or dedicated server management. a VPS would work perfect, but be advised that you will either have to pay for a VPS management or you have to spend time in managing the virtual machine. A very important thing is that you shall not expect to find a low cost solution. I'm very skeptical that you will make it without having a $500 + average monthly budget. You might not need to spend it within the first few months, but if your customers begin using their 100 MB file quota you will need a lot of resources.
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    How about you host the files that your users will upload in a CDN environment? You will only need to pay per used GB and you won't have to worry for disk space running out or anything like that.
    As a recommandation search for rackspace cloud files.

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